• 4D Piano

    A collaborative web app (Chrome) for accompanists and artists. Allows for realtime, low latency rehearsal with a tapping or automation trigger, or an actual pianist through a midi keyboard over WebRTC video chat. Subscription required.

  • Appcompanist

    An accompanist app (iOS/Android) with many tools for flexible playback of provided accompaniment tracks. Subscription required.

  • Diction Buddy

    An app (iOS/Android) for honing diction skills. The aria text is read by native speakers at different speeds to improve accuracy, pronunciation, and memory. Subscription required.

  • forScore

    An app (iOS) for viewing and editing PDF scores. Includes annotation, editing, custom navigation, and setlists. Purchase required.

  • nkoda

    An app (iOS/Mac/Android/Microsoft) for viewing and editing an extensive number of high quality scores directly from publishers. Includes many major publishers and artists, who are compensated for purchases. Subscription required.

  • Resonance

    An app (iOS/Android) for booking artistic professionals for lessons, gigs, or events. Create a profile, find clients, negotiate, and get paid all from the app.




  • Classical TV

    Subscription Service. Opera, Jazz, and Classical videos.


    Subscription service. Live and archived operas, ballets, and concerts.

  • Met Opera On Demand

    Subscription service. Video and audio of full-length Met Opera performances.


    Subscription service. Opera, Jazz, Classical, and Dance television channel. Available in Europe.

  • Opera on Video

    Over 5,000 videos of scenes and full operas, catalogued by composer and performers.

  • Opera Lively

    An extensive thread of links to full operas on YouTube.

  • The Opera Platform

    Live and archived video performances from many of Europe's leading houses.


  • Met Opera Radio

    Radio broadcasts through SiriusXM of present and past Met Opera productions.

  • Opera Cast

    Approximately 120 links to the websites of radio stations focused on classical music and opera.




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